LOVESPACE was a show about bringing people together to celebrate life. Inspired by the death of friends and people I worked with last year, I was moved to make a show about what matters most in life  – love, creativity and our shared humanity. Since moving to London I was struck by the level of talent of many of the young people that I had met through the Alliance for Childhood at City Hall when I was organising the young people’s conference last year. Given the talent of these young people and my own particular skill set as a musician, I decided to organise a show instead of conference to have these young people’s voices heard in a more entertaining way.   

Jerome Harvey-Agyei, who I met through YLPN at City Hall hosted the event. His own story is remarkable as is his work finding social and global solutions through love. Some of the other performers like Chifa K and Broken Pen, I met through Poetic Unity run by Ragz CV who is doing an amazing job to nurture young spoken word talent in London. I chose inspirational performers who are creatively and/or personally authentic, that I was either friends with or whose work was moving and meaningful to me so it was a very personal project, a celebration of my own life. This resulted naturally in a very wide range of performers of difference ages, backgrounds and nationalities and performance genres and subsequently in a wide mix of audience members (a truly rich mix like the name of the venue)

The performers ranged from contemporary African dance by Denise Rowe, spoken work by Jamal Khan and others, DJ Noudle, a talk by my mentor Pemma Fox and the remarkable and heroic story of Asef Nabizadeh who, after escaping from Afghanistan at just 12 years, eventually made his way to England. The story of a refugee, from his own mouth, many of whom are silent statistics, is the story of our time.

The show was about listening to people that we might not otherwise hear.  An evening of depth, live and humanity and a great night out!

Emma Stow


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