Inspiring Youth

feeding spirit, finding self

Promoting a holistic approach to mental, emotional and physical health.

Emotional crises are something that we all have to face at some point in our lives. Depression and anxiety are common place in our culture, but from an artistic and spiritual context these crises have meaning and value. We aim to empower young people to navigate these difficult territories and to step confidently into adulthood through self awareness (mindfulness), meditation, self-realisation, engaging directly with their experiences and feelings and by giving them the emotional and spiritual tools they need to be able to make their own way through the ups and downs of life.

It has now been proved that most addictions are, at root, trauma based and many mental and physical problems are stress related. This means that emotional healing and well-being needs to be a priority in our culture now including how we educate our children and young people.

Inspiring Youth works by:

  • Giving young people platforms to express themselves and have their voices heard through forums, conferences and workshops.
  • Connecting them to youth workers in their field of interest who can pass on important life skills and support them to follow their chosen path in life.

Inspiring Youth Forum
We are organising a series of talks and events in London where people are invited to speak about innovative work with young people and where young people themselves share their concerns and interests.

Previous topics included: Grandparents with Louise Coe and Sally Jenkinson; The Silent Scream – self harm and the needs of today’s young people with Loraine Doherty and Transitions – rites of passage in contemporary life with Marion Briggs.

You can find more information on the UK website, under ‘Inspiring Youth’.

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