Children and Technology

Children’s use of technology raises a number of questions and concerns. We are bringing together research and other report to try to give as comprehensive an overview as possible of the positive and negative aspects, what to do to improve children’s online experience and keep them safe.

Screen time

Children’s use of social media is creating a new type of digital native

Digital Childhood – Addressing Childhood Development Milestones in the Digital Environment

Evidence based science behind Screen Harmoniser – Jennifer Pridgeon has summarised the current research around screen time, effects of excessive screen time on the brain, the pattern of fear of technological advancement and most importantly what can we as parents or helpers do?

Children’s Media Lives: Wave 6  Ofcom Report by Revealing Reality

Ofcom’s Children’s Media Lives study, year 4 Ofcom Report by Revealing Reality

Invited Commentary on ‘Prospective associations between television in the preschool bedroom and later bio-psycho-social risks’ Aric Sigman

The Impact Of Screen Media On Children: A Eurovision For Parliament – Dr Aric Sigman Health Education Lecturer, Fellow of the Society of Biology, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. This chapter is based on a verbal presentation given to the Alliance for Childhood Quality of Childhood Group in the European Parliament by Dr. Aric Sigman in August 2010, hosted by MEP Karin Kadenbach.

Setting Limits On Screen Time: What Does the Research Say?

Apple investors call for action over iPhone ‘addiction’ among children

Life in Likes – Children’s Commissioner report on the effects of social media on 8-to-12-year-olds

The virtual environment from a developmental perspective – Dr. Martine Delfos Em. Professor TSE/HES The Netherlands. The material of this chapter is largely based on the book: Around the Virtual world in 80 days (the outcome of a professorate on Virtual Development of Youth (2012, Dr. Martine Delfos) which was also presented to the Quality of Childhood Group in the European Parliament by Dr.Delfos on 6 March 2012 with Thibault Kleiner of the Cabinet of Euro-Commissioner Neelie Kroes and hosted by MEP Evelyn Regner.

Toward Media Literacy or Media Addiction? – Paula Bleckmann. This chapter was published in the book entitled: Improving the Quality of Childhood in Europe · Volume 7 (pp. 103-119)

Facing the Screen Dilemma: Young Children, Technology and Early Education – Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood • Alliance for Childhood • Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment

FOOL’S GOLD: A Critical Look at Computers in Childhood– Edited by Colleen Cordes and Edward Miller

Tech Tonic: Towards a New Literacy of Technology – Alliance for Childhood

Data Privacy and dangers of online grooming and bullying

My Data and Privacy Online – a toolkit for young people

Towards a better digital future: Informing the Age Appropriate Design Code – Information Commissioner’s Office report by Revealing Reality

Marketing online

Marketing to children in the 21st century – Susan Linn Improving the Quality of Childhood in Europe · 2014, Volume 5


PlayStation 2 anniversary: Why it’s an important piece of gaming history

Gaming the System – Report to the Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield by Revealing Reality

National Centre for Gaming Addiction – Director Henrietta Bowden-Jones

Video Games A Critical Analysis – Lowell Monke