London Forum Meeting 7

The 7th London Forum meeting takes place on Thursday 10th January in City Hall.

 Dan Lescure, Senior Policy and Programme Officer (Health), will give a short presentation on the GLA’s youth mental health work, including Thrive London. Education and Health have commissioned a report Boys on Track by LKMco on research into improving support for Black Caribbean and Free School Meal-Eligible White Boys in London. It has now been published and is available to read. We’ll hear more about the rationale behind the research. We’ll look at the implications of the report’s conclusions in our next Forum meeting.

Liza Fior from MUF Architects, one of the Mayor’s Design Advocates  advising on his Good Growth policy, will focus on design and the importance for children of the policy, showing ways that the design of the built environment affects the health and wellbeing of children and young people. 

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