April 2022

Our Silver Anniversary event, Assessment as Dialogue, How Education Shapes Creativity, New books and more.

October 2021

The Big Answer to The Big Ask; Action on pollution; Edible Playgrounds; The Magic of Childhood and ESP; The Alliance for Childhood in the EU and a presentation on Core Capacities; Getting involved with the Alliance for Childhood in the UK and more.

June 2021

A welcome to Dame Rachel de Souza and her Commission for Childhood. – The Summer of Play – Articles on play – A call for a Cabinet Minister for Children and Young People – News and coming events.

March 2021

Call for a Summer of Play; Outdoor Adventurous Play as an Antidote to Anxiety; Concerns grow for children’s health as screen times soar during Covid; Why there’s no such thing as lost learning and more …

December 2020

Playthings; A forest-based yard improved the immune system of daycare children in only a month; Working with the Arts for Resilience and Empathy and more …

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