London Forum

The Alliance for Childhood London Forum is an opportunity to share ideas and experiences on how to improve the quality of childhood for children in London and to highlight how they can be given a more central place in decision-making over planning and development issues.

The Forum is open to anyone who has an interest or an involvement in decision-making which affects children in the city, including planners, policy-makers, play workers, architects, engineers, artists, representatives of children’s organisations and of course children and young people.

Through the coming together of a wide spectrum of people from different disciplines and backgrounds, each can inspire the other to take up new ideas on how to give space to children live, play and move around the city.

The London Forum meets regularly at City Hall and shares new insights and initiatives regarding the quality of childhood. The members also brief each other on their activities and in this way new partnerships and coalitions are formed regarding certain themes and projects.

The Quality of Childhood in London

Improving the quality of childhood is beneficial both for children and for the societies in which they live. Policy-makers and stakeholders make decisions that affect children. The way that these decisions are arrived at develops from their image of the child. It is therefore very important that this image represents what is in the best interests of the child.

Through meetings of the London Forum, we can become aware of the issues that affect children in London today and to stimulate cooperation in the GLA for the benefit of children.

Next Meetings

The 11th London Forum meeting is due to be held on Monday 5th October 2020, all being well, to look at loose parts play. Details will follow.


10th London Forum meeting Friday 14th February 2020

Our aim in this meeting was to shine light on the rising occurrence of internet and gaming use with its beneficial as well as potentially damaging and addictive consequences. What do the children and young people say about why they spend time on their screens? Is this preventing them from going out to play? What is being done to prevent addiction and how are children and young people being helped to overcome addiction? What is the gaming industry doing to help? With speakers from the newly set up, first NHS National Centre for Gaming Disorder, Olivia Nettleton, from Revealing Reality, and George Osborn, from UK Interactive Entertainment – UKIE, the only trade body for the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry.  Agenda. Notes from the meeting will be published soon.

9th London Forum  October 2019

8th London Forum March 2019

7th London Forum January 2019

Report: lkmco boys on track

6th London Forum October 2018

Presentations: Mayor’s Young Londoners Fund;  Waltham Forest YIAG

5th London Forum May 2018

Alliance for Childhood submission to consultation on the Mayor’s London Plan

4th London Forum February 2018

Suggested changes, additions and comments to policy areas in the Mayor’s new London Plan consultation

3rd London Forum December 2017

2nd London Forum October 2017

1st London Forum June 2017