Launch of Child Online Safety Toolkit

This step-by-step manual means that policymakers globally now have – in one place – the resources and tools to build, review and improve their policies and practices to ensure children’s rights are respected in the digital world. The Toolkit is freely accessible to everyone as an interactive PDF, and is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Russian, Khmer, and Portuguese.

At the launch, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex said: “We now understand that many of these systems are by design, aiming to keep our kids hooked on these products for years to come. Regardless of how their time online impacts their self-confidence, self-worth or safety.” Adding: “We need new laws, like the laws that 5Rights Foundation is working to shape in the UK, EU and here in California. We need public pressure. We need strong leadership. And we need continued research into what some of the biggest companies in the world are hiding behind closed doors.”

Vivien Farkas-Haholt, 5Rights Young Advocate said: “Give us young people the power to make a change for our own futures. Sometimes we look at things that are happening on the internet, and we feel helpless, because we’re not given that power to make a change for ourselves. And I think all we need is action.”

Access the Toolkit here
We all have our part to play in delivering the digital world that children and young people deserve. So please download the Toolkit, share it with others who can put into action, and help make child online safety a reality.

For any questions regarding the Toolkit, or how you can become a supporter, please email

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