Second Report from Children’s Alliance

Baroness Frances D’Souza has called for the appointment of a Cabinet Minister for Children as a new report criticises the Government’s strategy for children’s physical health as a ‘crude fixation’ on ‘weight management’.

The Honorary President of The Children’s Alliance said:
‘Physical Health’ is a comprehensive study of children’s physical health during the time of Covid-19. It features the work of 37 nationally-renowned specialists in children’s health, and it is published during the ‘festive season’ when children are traditionally bombarded by advertised food and drink ‘treats’ – to be succeeded by yet more ineffective measures narrowly focussed on ‘fighting the flab’ by calorie counting and step counting.

‘Without effective co-ordinated measures led by Government, we run the risk that the next generation of UK adults will be the least healthy in living memory.’

The authors maintain that good physical health is an entitlement for all children and young people. A new Cabinet Minister for Children would make that a focus in ALL Government Departments.’

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