Let the children out to play –

Today is Playday 2019!

Director of Play Wales, Mike Greenaway said:
‘It’s great to see that when they’re allowed out, and able to play in the places they want to, most children are happy with the space and play opportunities on offer. There are however, many children that because of parental restrictions – often with well-meaning concerns for their safety – who aren’t allowed to “play out” and therefore don’t experience the positive impact it has on their health, wellbeing, development, and most importantly their happiness. Play Wales is working to inform parents about the importance of giving children permission and freedom to play out. 

‘As a society we need to recognise and value that every child has a right to play. When children have plenty of time and opportunities to play outside near their homes, they feel safer in their neighbourhoods. We need to continue to work together to make our communities more play friendly to increase and improve outdoor play opportunities for our children – on Playday and every day of the year. Children and teenagers across Wales are asking for more time, space and permission to play in communities that care for them… That’s not too much to ask, surely?’ 

Playday 2019
Having the freedom to play out with friends helps children to get to known and feel safe in their neighbourhood and to become confident and resilient individuals.

The Playday 2019 theme – Play Builds Children – highlights the many ways play is good for children:

  • Play Builds Friendships – playing allows children to interact with others, develop relationships, deal with conflict, and learn respect and tolerance.
  • Play Builds Resilience – playing boosts children’s confidence, creativity, problem-solving skills and perseverance, enabling them to cope with stress and challenges throughout life.
  • Play Builds Health and Well-being – being active through play helps children physically and emotionally, contributing to their health and happiness.
  • Play Builds Communities – playing allows children to learn about the world around them, make connections, and develop a sense of identity and belonging.

Playday is an annual celebration of children’s right to play. It is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of children’s play and the need for quality play opportunities every day of the year.


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