Children’s Rights Apply in the Digital World

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has adopted General Comment No. 25 on children’s rights in relation to the digital environment.

The Digital Education Working Group (DEWG) adopted a joint contribution regarding the United Nations General Observation on the rights of the child in the digital environment

They write that children are particularly vulnerable to the risks associated with the digital environment. For this reason, protecting children’s privacy online is a priority action for the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) of data protection and privacy authorities and its Digital Education Working Group (DEWG) conducted by Marie-Laure DENIS as Chair, and the French CNIL.

In 2020, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has prepared a draft General Comment (GC) No. 25 (202x) on the rights of the child in relation to the digital environment and invited all interested parties to provide comments. The goal of this GC is to support the realisation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in the digital environment and provide guidance on measures to ensure full compliance by government, business and industry with their obligations to fully support children’s right in the digital environment.  In this context, the DEWG has adopted a contribution to support the project’s orientations, made proposals with regard to the right to protection of children’s personal data. In particular, the contribution focuses on the exercise of the rights of children, profiling and automated decision making, commercial exploitation of children’s data, the consideration of child-related specificities by public authorities and the private sector and digital education. This contribution, which was unanimously supported by some 74 DEWG’s member Authorities, is made available in English and French (in Spanish-tbc), and has been be published on the website of the Committee of the Rights of the child (n°35 in the list).

Read more here.

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