How Child Friendly Planning Can Save Cities

Tim Gill’s book Urban Playground: How child-friendly planning and design can save cities, has now been published and can be ordered from the RIBA website here.

This is an important resource for developers, planners and anyone who is concerned about the need to give children space in our urban environment.

From Tim Gill’s blog:

“The book opens with an overview of urban planning and children, setting out why the topic matters. A working definition of child-friendly urban planning (familiar to readers of this blog) is set out in Chapter 2.

2 dimensions of child-friendly cities image

Chapter 3 looks in detail at Rotterdam, the city that has arguably devoted more time, money and energy to the approach than any other, and whose investment is grounded in hard-nosed economic priorities.

The geographical scope is expanded in Chapter 4, with case studies and precedents from a dozen or so cities around the world, from post-Communist Tirana to post-industrial Antwerp, from tropical Recife to Nordic Oslo, from historic Ghent to high-tech Vancouver (also taking in my home city of London).

Chapter 5 moves from description to action, setting out key building blocks and principles, along with a set of tools for implementation. The final chapter reviews prospects and challenges for the approach.”

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