Play Things: help spread sparks of PlayKX all over the place

Play is essential. It helps children build resilience and make sense of the world even when things have gone a little crazy.

So Assemble Play has made a collection of stuff, just like they use at Play KingsX. It’s for families to use to transform indoors, outdoors or just an ordinary park playground into an adventure.

Lockdown has stopped PlayKX’s activities for awhile. But you can help them make the Play Things collection available to as many families as we can, and bring little sparks of PlayKX all over the place. 

 They are excited to tell you that they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce their Play Things collection. These are bags of play stuff just like we use at PlayKX which children can  use to turn even the grottiest little playground into an adventure.  We know, we have tested it out! You can see what happened in the film on our beautiful Kickstarter page. Just click here to see it.

The very best thing about it is that we aim to make these bags of Play Things affordable for any family by spreading the bulk of the cost between us.

Please do take a look at our page. If you can donate money, that is amazing. If you can share our campaign through your networks, that is amazing too. Thank you very much Penny

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