Let’s start an education revolution! 5th- 8th November, 2020 (online)

What’s next for your children’s future? Increasing numbers of our children and young people are facing mental health issues. The global pandemic has exacerbated the challenges of an already broken system. How can we best support our children and young people, especially in uncertain times?

We’re delighted to share this special event from our friends at the School of Sophia

Tell Me A Story: Re-Imagining Education Through Storytelling, Creativity & The Art of the Imagination is a 3.5 day transformational learning experience online, exploring how storytelling, creativity and the art of the imagination can help us to re-imagine education together and empower the next generation with the resilience, creativity and well-being they need to thrive even in changing times.

With many wonderful educators, including Torin Finser, Christopher Clouder, Monique Marshall, Susan Perrow, Kim Allsup and many more. This promises to be a wonderful opportunity to access your unique creativity, connect with a growing global community of parents and educators just like you, and be a part of a worldwide movement to mobilize a paradigm shift in learning today.

Our future generations need you! 

For more info visit their website. www.schoolofsophia.org/tell-me-a-story

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