Parenting Through The Pandemic – Dr. Gordon Neufeld

‘Our Twelfth Annual Vancouver Neufeld Conference, scheduled to take place this past weekend, was cancelled due to the pandemic. Of course, we were very disappointed to give up the opportunity to gather in-person with many of you.

Time didn’t allow us to switch the entire conference to a livestream platform, however, Gordon was able to offer a livestream presentation of his evening address for conference registrants from his basement studio, switching the topic from the original Emotional Health in a Digital World to something more timely and needed, Parenting through the Pandemic.

We’re pleased to share the recording with you below and trust that you’ll find his insight helpful for yourself or friends/family you share it with.

At a time of so much uncertainty, children are looking to the adults in their lives for answers. In Gordon’s words, “the answer is in BEING, not DOING or KNOWING, when empowered by our child’s attachment to us”.’

Click here to watch the 1.25 hour presentation by Dr. Gordon Neufeld,
originally recorded on April 16, 2020.

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