Ways to Support children at home

Playing actively in and around the home – Play Wales

Play Wales’s latest resource – Playing actively in and around the home – includes information about: 

    • The importance of play in times of stress
    • What the UK Chief Medical Officers’ physical activity guidelines say
    • Ensuring children are active whilst socially distancing 
    • Playing actively indoors
    • Play ideas for parents. 

Read it here

The coronavirus from our children’s point of view – Kim McCabe – Rites for Girls

In a time of uncertainty, when children have lost their regular rhythm and support through not going to school, Kim helps parents teach children three things:

    1. How to calm themselves
    2. How to assess the information we trust
    3. How to look after their health

See the video here

Play things

Gather together bits and pieces from around the house – ‘loose parts’ – and leave the children to play. This applies to all ages. With the loose parts they can play happily for hours. Offering open- ended play materials and encouragement to play is needed to stimulate children’s original play. 

Taking Care of Children in Alarming Times – Gordon Neufeld

‘Remember as well, that children at play are insulated from the alarming world around them. Play is a sanctuary of safety. Play is also the original school, far more effective anything society could possibly invent. Rather than try to make the home a school, it would be much more important in these times to make the home a true playground where Nature can take care of all of us. In true play, the engagement is in the activity, not the outcome. Most screen play does not qualify.’

Read the full article here

Play in the time of coronavirus – Tim Gill and Penny Wilson

The lives of parents and caregivers around the world are being turned upside down. But amidst all the fear, stress and uncertainty, children of all ages still want – and need – to play.

Read the article here

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