A Manifest for Play: Policy Proposals for Children’s Play in England

Play England, the Playwork Foundation and International Play Association England are delighted to have joined forces to publish a Manifesto for Play, ahead of the General Election on 12th December.

The Manifesto, based on a consultation with children’s professionals, calls on Britain’s political parties to include Leadership, Legislation and Investment in children’s play in their election manifestos to transform the health, happiness and well-being of children in England.

Writing to Members of Parliament

We are asking all members and supporters to write to their Member of Parliament asking MPs to support the Manifesto for Play.

Click here for advice and information on writing to MPs.

The Manifesto for Play calls for 4 pledges for children that Play England wants to see the political parties include in their election manifestos:

Leadership – create a Cabinet minister for children with responsibility for play
Legislation – make planning for play a statutory duty
Investment – more and better play opportunities, spaces and services for children including play in in parks and public spaces, playgrounds, housing, play streets, after school  and holiday play schemes, adventure playgrounds and schools
Delivering for play – investment in quality support and training for professionals.

Read the Manifesto here.

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