Advocating for Play in the London Plan

Play England Chair of Trustees Nicola Butler was amongst those giving evidence at Examinations in Public on the London Plan on Friday 3 May, along with London Assembly Member and Deputy Chair of London’s Planning Committee Nicky Gavron, Marion Briggs, Joanna Chambers, Tim Gill and Adrian Voce.

Play England called for a Play Sufficiency requirement for London Boroughs to assess and secure sufficient play opportunities for children and young people in their area, based on the successful model in Wales.

Play England also asked for the Plan to reflect the need for children to be able to experience risk and challenge in their play, based on the Play Safety Forum guidance, Managing Risk in Play Provision and the Health & Safety Executive Statement on Children’s Play and Leisure: Promoting a Balanced Approach.

Play England welcomes the inclusion of Policy S4 on Play and informal recreation in the London Plan.

Play England also strongly supported the proposals put forward by Nicky Gavron AM that London must build the needs of children into its planning policies. Nicky called for measures to strengthen provision for play including that London Boroughs should protect non-designated and informal play space and that residential developments should incorporate at least 10 square metres per child of age appropriate play and informal recreation space that:

a)  provides a stimulating environment and opportunities for free play and ball games

b)  can be accessed safely from the street and home by children and young people independently

c)  forms an integral part of the development with access for children and young people from all tenures

d)  incorporates trees and/or other forms of greenery

e)  is well located with good informal over-sight in accordance with Policy G4

f)   is provided on site unless exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated.

The London Plan is the overall strategic plan for London, setting out the economic, environmental, transport and social framework for the development of London, including the framework for development and use of land and for decision making on planning and new developments.

Posted on the Play England website 7th May 2019 by Sophie Bolt


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