Early Years in London

The first years of our lives are vital. Often, it is the poorest children who miss out.

In 2018, only 61 per cent of eligible two-year olds took up a free early education place in London, compared with 72 per cent nationally. By aged five, children entitled to free school meals are almost three months behind their better off peers.

Good quality, affordable childcare benefits society too. It helps parents, especially women to return to work; raising their family income and strengthening to workforce. We want to work with partners across the capital to help:

  • improve the quality of early years provision for all children, particularly the most disadvantaged
  • improve access so all families can find and pay for childcare that meets their needs

Our Early Years in London report (March 2019), provides data on whether the quality and accessibility of early education in London is improving, as well as giving an overview of what the Mayor is going to support the sector and London families.

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From the Mayor of London; Education and Youth

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