Vienna Child in the City Conference Poster Exhibition

Alliance for Childhood colleague, Marie Williams, who is CEO and Founder, Dream Networks has presented a poster for the 9th International Child in the City Conference in Vienna.

See her poster Conference poster

Presentation title: For a child friendly city it is important to hand over the drawing tools to the children and help them to form the solution to their needs for spaces to play

Marie’s presentation focuses on the long-term social economic value derived from enabling a child to form resilient and creative solutions for play spaces though adopting co-design principles. The poster will present the principles associated with a transferable and collaborative method for co-designing play areas, that she has developed to design and build play spaces with children and communities based in the UK and Africa. The poster will highlight data that demonstrates the need for this methodology and also the challenges faced in adopting co-design principles in rural or socially economically excluded communities. The illustrations within the poster will address global play inequality, key challenges in the provision of play spaces and also provide successful examples of co-designed play areas.

Marie is a senior chartered engineer and the CEO and founder of Dream Networks Social enterprise. Dream Networks collaborates with schools, businesses and communities to build creative and sustainable play areas in disadvantaged communities. Play areas that are co-designed by the children themselves with the support of business volunteers and teachers during creative co-design STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics) workshops. So far Dream Networks has co-designed and built play areas in Kenya and Tanzania for over 2500 children. Marie is also a PHD student at UCL IGP (Institute of Global Prosperity), where her research focuses on the use of co-design to develop resilient early childhood development play areas within displaced communities, with a focus on the development of social interaction and cognitive skills through play. Perhaps most importantly, Marie is a multi- disciplinary engineering woman who is passionate about enabling child development and ‘fun’ through inclusive and sustainable play design.

Marie Williams presented during the Poster exhibition.

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