London Needs You Alive Campaign Materials

The Mayor of London has  launched an educational toolkit for schools, colleges, community and faith groups to help them raise awareness of the London Needs You Alive campaign and reduce knife crime.

About the toolkit

This toolkit was created to complement the Mayor’s first anti-knife crime media campaign, London Needs You Alive.

The campaign, launched in November 2017, encourages children to place a higher value on their life and not to carry a knife. The #LNYA toolkit has been developed to support young people to reconnect with positive aspirations and self-identity.

The toolkit contains existing resources and initiatives that have been specially developed, including:

  • campaign material templates
  • lesson plans
  • inspirational actives
  • links to free courses, training and useful contact details
  • information about the London Needs You Alive campaign and details of the other things we’re doing to combat knife crime

Download the Toolkit

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