New discoveries in the field of brain science can contribute significantly to a healthy childhood and the well-being of children

The Alliance for Childhood European Network held its 69th Quality of Childhood meeting in the EU Parliament building in Brussels last week, co-hosted by the Learning for Wellbeing Foundation.

Nancy Mannix of the Palix Foundation made a presentation on an initiative in Alberta, Canada. She and her colleagues have developed a simple narrative called the brain story.

“The Brain Story is a story about how experiences shape our brains. As such, it is also a story about human relationships, because we depend on those around us for the experiences that build our brain architecture.

“As a community, when we identify how and when to support children and families in the course of development, we can change how the story unfolds so that all of us, regardless of background and life circumstances, have the chance to lead happier, healthier lives, build stronger communities, and reduce risk for mental health problems, including addiction.”

They offer a free online 30 hour training with a certificate which allows anyone in the field or others involved in decision making to gain an understand of brain development, trauma and addiction in a straightforward way. It provides a means of gaining a better understanding of how to help children and young people overcome their difficulties.

Read about it here.

The Palix Foundation is a private foundation in Alberta working in the related areas of childhood development, addiction, and mental health.

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