March for our lives

Today thousands of school children and their families are taking to the streets of Washington DC to demand that their lives and safety become a priority and that they end gun violence and mass shootings in their schools. There are 842 other protests listed to take place around the world.

Blogger Umair Haque wrote in January this year “America has had 11 school shootings in the last 23 days. That’s one every other day, more or less. That statistic is alarming enough — but it is just a number. Perspective asks us for comparison. So let me put that another way. America has had 11 school shootings in the last 23 days, which is more than anywhere else in the world, even Afghanistan or Iraq. In fact, the phenomenon of regular school shootings appears to be a unique feature of American collapse — it just doesn’t happen in any other country — and that is what I mean by “social pathologies of collapse”: a new, bizarre, terrible disease striking society.”

He cites four ‘pathologies’: an opioid epidemic, utter powerlessness to live with dignity, a pathology of the soul and a predatory society.

He continues “Why are American kids killing each other? Why doesn’t their society care enough to intervene? Well, probably because those kids have given up on life — and their elders have given up on them. Or maybe you’re right — and it’s not that simple. Still, what do the kids who aren’t killing each other do? Well, a lot of them are busy killing themselves.” Is he right? Are things so bad?

I can’t fail to have sympathy with his conclusion “Should the world follow the American model — extreme capitalism, no public investment, cruelty as a way of life, the perversion of everyday virtue — then these new social pathologies will follow, too. They are new diseases of the body social that have emerged from the diet of junk food — junk media, junk science, junk culture, junk punditry, junk economics, people treating one another and their society like junk — that America has fed upon for too long.”

It seems that here in the UK children are already feeling the effects of these social pathologies.

Perhaps the rising anger and the protests of these young people signal the turning of the tide.

It’s worth reading the whole article.

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