Fourth London Forum Meeting


The Fourth London Forum meeting will take place on Monday 26th February 2018 in City Hall.

We had planned to look at the Mayor’s Vision for Young People in London. This is still in the process of being signed off and should now be published in March. Instead, we’ll have an opportunity form our own vision for young people as a way of getting into the question and being prepared to look at the Mayor’s Vision once it has been published for consultation.

The consultation period for the Mayor’s new London Plan closes at 5pm on Friday 2nd March so there will still be a few days to make our views known. We’ll look at the results of our previous discussion before submitting our views on behalf of the Forum. I’ll summaries the points in a briefing paper and circulate it before our meeting. It can also be a guide for you or your organisation if you haven’t yet submitted your views. The more people who write in about a particular comment, change or addition the better.
Please let us know if you wish to take part and I’ll send the agenda and other information about the meeting. Write to


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